Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag 2


Fight with characters from Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi




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Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag 2 is a two-dimensional fighting game that, thanks to the MUGEN engine, enables you to enjoy spectacular fights between some of the most popular characters from Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball GT.

The cast of characters includes such well-loved figures as Son Goku, Son Goha, Vegeta, Krilin, and Piccolo, as well as others that aren't as well known, like Bardock, Nappa, Tao Pai Pai, and Janemba. You'll also encounter some especially strange characters, like Vegeta Baby, the giant monkey in super saiyan, and even Goku in the fifth level of saiyan.

Each character has its own special abilities, and they're all very well done. The characters shout their famous phrases, and their movements are recreated almost exactly from their TV series versions.

Like most games created using MUGEN, you can choose between several playing modes: arcade, versus, survival, training, etc. You can also choose to play alone, or with a friend sharing the computer.

Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag 2 is a fun two-dimensional fighting game that, despite not being very polished, is still a great option among the large number of Dragon Ball fighting games out there.
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